Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 Week 1

I've decided to do project 365 this year.  Like most of my new year's resolutions, its a toss up as to whether it will last or not!  Here is week 1.

Kit is from Gina marie Huff at


  1. Too cute! I am not ready for this 365 thing yet ... maybe next year's resolution. You are good at keeping up with this!

  2. Tell Olivia, I have an IPOD Touch and love it as well. I only wish I had saved and bought a "bigger" one. But Kyle will be happy because when I do, he'll get the hand me down! I wish I would have done a 365 project or a 52 project....don't know that I would have kept up with it though. Have you done anymore? I enjoyed these! :) Come tkae a look at my blog it's been updated with my own paper background! ;) YEAH! If you want to display my blinkie let me know! ;)